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I wasn’t rude…

I went to London with my sister-in-law (Denise) on Saturday to see the very funny Sarah Millican at the Hammersmith Apollo.

We were making a bit of a day of it, so hopped on the train to Kings Cross at lunchtime with the intention of having some food, a few drinks and then off to the gig!

All was going very well…we got off the underground at Westminster and wandered along the Embankment having a giggle, watching a few of the street performers as we walked.  On our way to the food establishment of choice (The Gourmet Pizza Company … yum yum), we passed the ‘Time for Change’ volunteers who were providing different activities / information on mental health issues.  They’d got these people dressed up in giant type costumes with long arms and they were trying to grab people as they walked by.  Now, one of them managed to get hold of my arm, but I managed to wriggle free with a smile and a “not today, thanks”.

On our way BACK to the underground, one pizza and two double vodkas later, we were STILL having a giggle.  We were chatting away to each other and generally minding our own business when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a woman in a ‘Time for Change’ t-shirt walking in a line to intercept us.

Well, we really didn’t want to get into any deep conversations at that point…we were a little bit tipsy and off to a comedy gig…so I said (in a VERY polite way) “I’m sorry, we’re not interested today, thank you!” and carried on walking (good manners cost nothing after all and I didn’t want to ignore her completely).

As we were passing her, I heard her say…”well, that was rude!”

Now, maybe the best thing to have done would have been to continue walking, but the “well, that was rude!” rattled around in my head for about 3 seconds and I had to stop mid-stride!  I turned to face the woman…

“Excuse me?  I’m sorry, we’re not interested today, thank you is rude???”

I got a mumbled “yes” in reply.

“No…” says I, “fuck off, we’re not interested…now THAT’S rude!”  😡

With that I turned around and flounced off!

So, I wasn’t rude…at least, not to start with!



So this is it then…

Well, apparently I’m not allowed to just stand on the sidelines and throw sarcastic comments into other people’s blogs now – I’ve been nagged encouraged to do my own!

It’s harder than I thought!  I’m on my second Smirnoff Black (with just a dash of diet coke so you know when the glass is empty) and I’m coming up blank!  Don’t want to talk about work because I’m not back there until Monday (I LOVE not working on a Friday) and I’m trying to blank it out of my mind at the moment.

How about life in general?  Well, it’s pretty damn good right now.  Mainly thanks to three fantastic kids (those would be mine – although I’d lay money on me saying “those bloody kids…” within a few days) and the rather gorgeous Bagpuss (aka ‘snee’).  I’ve had a rather ‘unsettled’ few years but, thanks to the aforementioned, I am definitely heading into a very happy and content phase.  So much so, that I’ve had to start going to Fat Club again to prevent ‘content’ from turning into ‘lard-arse’! (On a related note here – is it wrong for snee – kind, generous and sensitive soul that he is  – to think  it would be amusing to bring a bag of Maltesers into Fat Club and throw them on the floor, just to see if it would be like a real-life version of ‘Hungry Hippos’??!) *note to self – must remember to ask him how I get emoticons on here!*

Right – I’m going to see if I can actually publish this now (not entirely sure how to do that, but I’ll give it a go!)

Must get another vodka first though…