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A special kind of stupid…

Just goes to show how wrong these tests can be…


I took it and got 139 which means:

130-145 – high intelligence. People with a high intelligence level have no difficulties in becoming a student of a good university and often continue their scientific career there. Moreover, they are usually respected experts in medicine, informatics, physics or astronomy. They frequently choose to be artists as well. Having an intelligence quotient of over 130 points gives the opportunity to become a member of Mensa.”

Yeah right – I’m the numpty that glanced at a dark window on a train, saw her own reflection and mistook it for her sister!!! (I also did that whilst walking past a mirror!)

How does seeing an order to the ‘pretty patterns’ show how intelligent someone is??

Oh well, back to work now I suppose… 😐


The great god, snee!!

Just a little warning to all of you that go to snee for advice and ‘technical’ assistance…

This is the result of snee trying to take a picture of me:-





Bless…he’s only had the phone for a year and he STILL doesn’t know which way to hold it and which buttons to press!! 😐