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Boobs, Bums & Feet!

We had a day out in Cambridge last Saturday (mainly coz I had to have a proper bra fitting and John Lewis seemed like the best place to go!) To give Paul credit where it’s due – he didn’t once hold up his hands in a cupping motion and tell the assistant that I needed a bra ‘that’ size!! Instead, his expression managed to display the appropriate level of disinterest as he sat down in the middle of all the knickers and bras whilst I got sorted out! (I don’t ‘do’ shopping so it was a case of “please measure me then bring three bras of the correct size – I don’t care what colour!”). To get over the stress of that bit of shopping, we went to one of the arcades and had a ‘fish pedicure’! Can’t recommend it highly enough – it was bloody lovely!! In fact I think we’re going to make a return visit in the next couple of weeks!

I left my phone in the pub last Sunday night and, come Monday morning, I felt lost without it! The thought of losing my text messages and photos made me feel sick! (Although, I think the huge quantities of alcohol may have also been a contributory factor – indeed, that probably played a significant role in me actually leaving the phone in the first place!). Thanks to the angels that are Phil & Becky at The Kings Head, my phone was returned safe & sound.

Now, although I was extremely drunk, I AM a drunk with memory, so it was with great amusement that I showed Paul the photos I remember taking of him & Bob in the pub that Sunday night. Neither of them have any recollection of these pictures which is slightly worrying as there is the obligatory ‘trousers down and arse out’ photo of Paul! I think we’ll have to curb the alcohol a bit on Sunday’s in future!!

Well, that’s the plan at the moment… 😉