Dull, weird and slightly disturbing thoughts…

If you’re religious then I’m sorry.  I don’t mean to offend you and I respect your right to believe what you want to believe, but I fucking hate the ‘do-gooders’!!

6:30pm on a Wednesday evening and the doorbell rings…

“Hello Miss, I’m here to extend a personal invitation from Jesus…”.

Actually, NO YOU’RE NOT – you’re just another bloody ‘cold-caller’ out to try and sell something!  Whichever branch of the God-botherers you’re from, you’re just out looking for new followers!  IF God or Jesus exist (and I happen to believe they don’t) they would KNOW it would be pointless to extend a “personal invitation” to me and would have put a big red cross through my name with the warning “DO NOT APPROACH!”

Of course I have moral guidelines and views on how I live my life… (these are not necessarily in any order!)

  • I believe the love & support of my family and true friends will carry me through hard times.
  • I believe that my children are my greatest gift (even when I’m moaning at them!)
  • I believe that if you can do something good, then you SHOULD do something good.
  • I believe that when you do good things, it makes a difference to the person you’re helping and also to you as an individual.
  • I believe that you should love your partner unconditionally.  There should never be preconceived restrictions on what you would or wouldn’t do for someone you love.

I believe in all of the above (and a million other things) and I do it without the need to knock on a strangers door and push a leaflet in their face telling them that they should believe it too!

I’ve written MY beliefs on MY blog.  You are choosing to read it.  I am not forcing you and I’m certainly not telling you that my beliefs will work for you.

I know I sound like a miserable old bag, but I am offended that ‘organised’ religious groups seem to think they have the right to knock on my door and tell me that I need to “let Jesus into my life”!  I manage to raise three children, hold down a job, pay my bills and make numerous decisions every day that affect both myself and others…do they not think that if I felt I was missing something in my life, I would be capable of going out to find what I was missing rather than waiting for someone to turn up on my doorstep with the answers??

If you believe in God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny or purple monkeys and it works for you, then great – I really am genuinely happy for you.  If I have offended anyone with my views then I apologise as it wasn’t my intention, but I don’t apologise for HAVING my view!

Oh, I also believe that good manners don’t cost anything so instead of launching into a tirade of anti-religious venom I politely said “thank you, but I have my own personal beliefs”, smiled nicely at the three people on my doorstep and wished them a good evening.

…and I shall wish you all the same thing! 🙂


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