Dull, weird and slightly disturbing thoughts…

Lazy-ass Men!!

I had a day off on Monday with the kids.  Had a great time – even the eldest was in good spirits, although I think that was more to do with him taking the piss out of me at every opportunity!  Still – if it means an easy life then I’ll go with it!

Got back to work on the Tuesday to find no end of dirty mugs left by the kettle (which is on a cabinet right next to my desk).  We have a little plastic bin on the cabinet for all the used teabags.  There was mould growing on mould in this little bin.  Biohazard clothing wouldn’t have been over the top when opening it!  So…I get the sponge, washing up liquid, all the mugs, spoons and the bin and do the washing up.

The next time Mr L goes to make a cuppa he remarks to Mr B ….”have you noticed how the washing-up fairy has come back now that Lisa is in?”

Sometimes the urge to bury my letter-opener in his ear is almost too much to bear…


Comments on: "Lazy-ass Men!!" (2)

  1. SillyWhabbit said:

    *Dresses up in my best devil suit and jumps on your left shoulder*
    Do it Lisa! He doesn’t need that portion of his pea-brain.

    • Love the fact that you have more than ONE devil suit!!! 😀

      He is safe at the moment as he’s in India now. Hmmmm, maybe I could just cancel his return ticket…. 😈

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